Middle School Team 610 Scores Big at Robotics Tournament

Even a pandemic can’t slow the Middle School’s Team 610 down! When the VEX event was cancelled due to COVID restrictions, Middle School robotics teacher Tony Qian organized the delivery of VEX IQ fields to student homes so they could still compete. His effort paid off—of the four teamwork awards given out, Crescent’s 610 teams captured two.
Twenty-five teams from across North America competed in the VEX IQ Robotics remote tournament on Saturday, January 22. Team 610E won first place in the qualification match ranking and teamed up with the second place team in the final match. Together, they earned 168 points and won the Teamwork Champion Award. Congratulations to Grade 7 students Yuhong Chen and Hester Li.
Team 610B joined a team from New York in the final match and won the Teamwork 2nd place Award. Congratulations to Grade 8 students Hudson Haas and Jerry Yao.
Team 610C and Team 610D joined together in the final match and took third place in the finalist ranking. Congratulations to Timur Oran, Henray Zha, John Zuo and Cam Muranaka.