LUNA Celebrates Crescent Creativity

Imagine an exhibit of self-portraits by Grade 5 students alongside short films by Grade 11 media arts students; or an original dramatic work by Grade 9 students followed by the Grade 7 class choir, a sculpture forest created by Grade 10 visual arts students and an open jam session by Grade 11 music students. Then imagine this multiplied ten-fold and all taking place on the same day. Add a singalong choir experience, make-your-own art stations and some food trucks and you’ve got Crescent School’s annual LUNA arts showcase.

Now in its third year, the LUNA event on April 12, 2019 brought hundreds of family members and friends to Crescent to experience student creativity in different venues throughout the campus during the afternoon and evening. The event celebrates the work of students in Grades 3 to 12 from their art, music, drama and media arts classes.

“We have so much creativity bursting from the boys and in a curricular domain we don’t often get to see it and appreciate it,” says Godric Latimer-Kim, Crescent’s Head of Performing and Visual Arts. “LUNA is an opportunity for all of the boys to encounter one another’s work, and for our parent/friend community to experience that creativity.”

LUNA showcases individual and ensemble works by students in each grade, as well as special collaborations between different grades. It features performances and exhibits by faculty members too, along with audience participation opportunities. This year, LUNA also saw the official unveiling of The Legacy Project, an original mural created for Crescent by artist Patrick Thompson of PA System in collaboration with students and alumni.

Students serve as LUNA curators and guides, explaining the ideas behind their work and emphasizing the creative process along with the finished pieces.

“Being adaptable, teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving – all of those skills that go into creating these polished works are so important and so valuable,” says Latimer-Kim. “I think it’s wonderful that the parents can see the breadth of work and celebrate those learning journeys.”

“LUNA was designed to foster and encourage creative expression and collaboration between students and staff,” said Headmaster Michael Fellin after the inaugural LUNA in April 2017. “It showcased the importance of the arts in Crescent’s mission, and brought our community together for a truly special experience.”

Although the logistics behind LUNA are a massive undertaking, “it is worth every moment,” says Latimer-Kim. “It is such a special opportunity to see creativity and imagination on a full-school scale.”

See photos from the 2019 LUNA event

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