Grade 7 students design cardboard furniture in science class

Putting Theory Into Practice In Grade 7 Science

by Crescent School staff
Do you need science to build furniture? Grade 7 students at Crescent School found out when they tackled their culminating project for their "Structures: Form and Function" science unit.
The students were tasked with designing a piece of cardboard furniture to meet the needs of defined end users: Middle School faculty members. Most designed chairs that were customized to accommodate the height and weight of these users.

The project was an example of experiential learning, says Middle School science teacher Greg Ryerson. Students needed to use the materials covered in class, understand the needs of their end users, communicate effectively with their group members and find an interesting but effective solution to the design challenge. To be successful, students had to be self-directed leaders while collaborating in a group setting, and act as critical thinkers in the moment – essential qualities that are part of Crescent’s Portrait of a Graduate.

“By participating in project-based learning, the boys are able to apply their science knowledge while also building project management skills,” says Ryerson. “This will serve them in any job or field that they pursue in the future.”

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