Solar Energy Project Is For The Birds

A group of Middle School 13 boys built a solar panel array to generate electricity that will heat a bird bath, ensuring that local birds have fresh water to drink in the winter. The project is part of the Middle School Outreach activities on Tuesday afternoons.

It’s been a hands-on learning opportunity for the boys, says faculty member Greg Ryerson, with the boys taking on tasks such as researching bird species and the best solar panel location, creating a website with a livestream video of the bird bath, and constructing the wooden framework with guidance by Crescent facilities staff member Jerry Drab. Faculty member Martha Miller is advising the boys on the website and video feed. Retired faculty member Stuart Cumner also lends his environmental expertise to the work. The completed solar panel array and bird bath were installed near the bird feeders behind Crescent's Centre for Creative Learning in late February.

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