Why Crescent

Our focus on character education is aligned to our mission and an integral part of how we teach, motivate and inspire our boys.  
Why Crescent

Relational Learning

Relational learning is embedded in everything we do at Crescent, setting us apart from other schools. Long after they’ve graduated, our alumni vividly recall the lasting, positive impressions that their teachers and Crescent brothers made on their lives. These deep friendships result from:

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  • How We Teach

    Relational learning is embedded in our culture and our curriculum. Our teachers and coaches forge powerful connections with our boys, making certain that each of them feels known, cared for and recognized as an individual. Highly motivated experts in their fields, they establish meaningful relationships that are not only preconditions to the boys' character development but also to their ongoing engagement in learning.
  • How We Build Character

    Character conversations occur in the classroom, and character development extends beyond our classrooms as well as an inherent part of our Character-in-Action programs. Each develops character through teamwork, resilience, courage, empathy and the understanding that one’s personal accomplishments contribute towards grander, greater success. Learn more about our Student LeadershipArts,  AthleticsBusinessOutreach and Robotics programs.
  • How We Create Brotherhood For Life

    Lasting friendships and strong bonds are an inherent part of the Crescent School experience. And this brotherhood continues after our boys have graduated. Crescent alumni are part of a network that is rich and vibrant. It is a network that provides numerous opportunities for connecting and is a gateway to a multitude of personal and professional development programs for our alumni. Learn more about our Crescent Alumni Brotherhood.