Why Crescent

Our focus on character education is aligned to our mission and an integral part of how we teach, motivate and inspire our boys.  
Why Crescent

How We Teach

From Grade 3 to Grade 12, Crescent School follows three pedagogies (methods of teaching) that are proven ways that boys learn best:

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  • Active Learning

    Going beyond listening, reading and memorizing, active learning features collaboration, discussion and reflection. When students discuss a challenging question, respond to an in-class prompt in writing, predict the outcome of an experiment, or apply knowledge from a reading to a case study, that is active learning. It commonly involves students in pairs or larger groups, but can also include independent activities that involve reflection or writing.
  • Experiential Learning

    Taking learning beyond the classroom and engaging in real-world experiences has a transformative benefit. It helps boys become more agile and entrepreneurial - crucial skills in our changing world. We apply the practices of outdoor education to everyday classroom learning. These experiences help boys grow in their abilities and in the quality of their reflection on their journey to maturity.
  • Relational Learning

    Most importantly, the quality of a boy's learning depends on how he perceives the quality of the teacher-student relationship. Crescent’s teachers and coaches forge powerful connections with our boys, making certain that each of them feels known, cared for and recognized as an individual. They establish meaningful relationships that are not only preconditions to the boys' character development but also to their ongoing engagement in learning.

    Our curriculum focus on active, experiential and relational learning ensures that Crescent boys can discover their promise, pursue their potential and define their purpose.

    To learn more about how we teach at Crescent School, read The Crescent Way: Our Strategic Academic Plan.