Why Crescent

Our focus on character education is aligned to our mission and an integral part of how we teach, motivate and inspire our boys.  
Why Crescent

Why a School for Boys

So, why should you send your son to a school for boys? There are a number of reasons.

List of 5 items.

  • Boys learn differently than girls.

    Research studies have proven that boys have unique learning styles and that they grow, play and learn quite differently than girls.  For one thing, a higher percentage of boys are kinesthetic learners. That means they need to be actively doing something while they are learning and benefit when knowledge is applied to tasks.

    Compared to girls, boys are often better at spatial visualization and abstract mathematics, but worse at language and communication skills.

    Crescent’s literacy and numeracy programs include materials that are relevant to boys’ lives and we use a variety of classroom tools and teaching practices specifically geared to boys.  Additionally, we have invested in a world-class field surface that extends the season for outdoor physical education, recognizing the physicality of boys.
  • Boys are relational learners.

    Leading experts such as Dr. Michael Reichert, Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Boys’ and Girls’ Lives at the University of Pennsylvania, have discovered that boys learn best when they are connected to the person they are partnering with in their learning. If they feel like they are recognized and known for who they are, they are going to learn better and enjoy a better learning experience that leads to better outcomes.

    Relational learning is much more than just being a student’s friend. Research has shown that one of the foundations of effective learning is that the teacher or coach is the master of their subject. Boys really need to feel as though the individual knows their stuff – and are at the top of their game – before they are willing to establish a relationship with them that is built on respect. Simply stated, boys need to feel as though they are in good hands in order to learn well.

    At Crescent, relational learning is embedded in our culture and our curriculum. Our teachers and coaches forge powerful connections with our boys, making certain that each of them feels known, cared for and recognized as an individual. Highly motivated experts in their fields, our teachers and coaches establish meaningful relationships with boys that are not only preconditions to the boys’ character development but also to their ongoing engagement in learning.
  • Boys need role models.

    Boys learn best when they have positive adult role models who they can trust and relate to  ̶ and from whom they can seek support.

    At Crescent, your boy will be surrounded each and every day by faculty and staff who model what it looks like to lead a values-based life. Our dedicated professionals will serve as his mentors, guiding him on his journey towards becoming a Man of Character.
  • Boys benefit from a culture of courage.

    In a coed school, boys often feel as though they have to conform to the traditional stereotypes of what it is to be a man in order to impress or have status with the girls. But when you remove girls from the classroom, some remarkable things can happen. Boys can explore areas such as art, drama or literature without having to worry about macho posturing.

    Crescent is committed to developing a culture of courage where boys are willing to drop their masks and be who they are. What’s more, we ensure that they are celebrated for doing so.
  • Boys take on more responsibility at a school for boys.

    When you visit a coed school, be sure to look at who is on their honour board. Typically, you will find that around 80% or more are girls; and the same goes for student government.

    Why is this the case? Quite often, if something needs to be done in a coed school, boys will sit back and let the girls do it.

    In a school for boys such as Crescent School, boys are forced to step up. They are encouraged to take on more responsibility than they would in a coed environment. In fact, responsibility is one of Crescent’s core values.