Our academic program is both rigorous and supportive with success in post-secondary institutions at the forefront of everyone’s mind.  
Student Services

Physical Wellness

Health services are provided by our Wellness Centre, which is staffed by two school nurses. 
Our Wellness Centre provides primary care to students who become ill or injured at school, and also work with our teachers to ensure that boys coping with chronic illnesses and injuries are appropriately accommodated in their learning environment. Services include:

  • Grade 7 immunizations
  • Concussion support
  • Consultation with parents
  • Consultation with outside professionals
It is important for parents to notify the Wellness Centre of any life-threatening allergies and that these boys carry a personal EpiPen.  
Managing the Risk of Concussion
We take the risk of concussion very seriously. Baseline concussion testing is provided for all Crescent boys each fall by Holland-Bloorview Concussion Centre, a full-service concussion clinic. For boys who suffer concussions, our Wellness Centre provides the family with an information package that includes a referral form to be completed by the family doctor. Referred Crescent boys will be seen immediately by the Holland-Bloorview Concussion Centre. It will manage, in collaboration with our school nurses, the "return to learn" academic plan for boys in recovery.

Our Nurses

List of 2 members.

  • Ms. Penny Parker 

  • Mrs. Susan Bray