Alumni Inspire Crescent Students

Kyle Chang ’19 and Ben Sokolowski ’02 visited Crescent earlier in February to speak to students about their experiences in very diverse fields.
Chang, who was Head Boy in 2018–2019, is now in his fourth year at the University of Waterloo in their Business Administration and Math program, which is partnered with Wilfrid Laurier University. He competes on the Laurier Case Team and has also been coaching other Case teams. Chang spoke about what he has learned about making marketing plans for DECA, encouraging students to keep three key things in mind: What is the idea and how does it relate to the problem? What is your target market? And, how do you make sure that you’re reaching that target market?

Miles away from Waterloo, Sokolowski spent his early TV writing career in Los Angeles after completing a screenwriting program at the University of Southern California. Surrounded by “kids with the same passion as me” he flourished. A serendipitous meeting with film and television producer Bryan Burk in an all-night Hollywood diner led him to connect with Burk’s producing partner, filmmaker J. J. Abrams. He has since worked in various roles on shows like What About Brian, CTV’s The Listener, NBC’s Fear Itself, and for spinoffs of the popular zombie drama series The Walking Dead. Sokolowski gave his rapt audience tips on how students could pursue writing, and directing, and shared what he learned from his experiences at USC.