Aerial photo of the newly redeveloped Innes Field

Innes Field Gets A Major Upgrade

When COVID-19 prevention measures allow outdoor team sports again, Crescent School will be ready. The new turf surface and dome installation on Crescent's Innes Field make it possible to extend the outdoor sports season by up to 26 weeks.

Preparations for the field enhancements began in November 2020 and the work was completed in May. The new multi-purpose turf is dual-certified for FIFA Soccer and World Rugby. Anchors in the foundation secure an air-supported dome that will allow athletics teams, intramural sports, House activities and community use to continue on the field through the winter.

“Innes Field is a place where our school spirit comes alive and where character is developed through sport and competition,” says Headmaster Michael Fellin.

Innes Field was built in 2008 and named in honour of Eric Innes, father of alumni Brendon Innes ’05 and Scott Innes ’07. Its original turf had a 10-year lifespan and was due for resurfacing. The upgraded turf and installation of an air-supported sports dome represent the first capital improvements of Crescent’s 25-year Master Campus Plan.