Crescent's Safe Return

We Did It! Crescent Campus Reopens Safely

Thanks to months of planning and a united effort by staff, faculty, students and parents, Crescent School reopened safely on September 8, bringing our boys back to classes on campus for the first time since late March.

Over 95% of Crescent students chose to return to learn on campus. These students will be attending full-day classes, five days a week. Schedules are now “quadmestered” to allow the boys to remain in grade-level cohorts for optimal learning. Classrooms have been equipped with high-quality cameras and microphones to provide at-home learners with opportunities to participate in class activities via Zoom.

The safe reopening was the result of 90 days of planning, testing and implementing facility enhancements and procedures, including:

  • Conducting extensive health & safety training for faculty and staff over a two-week period in late August.
  • Launching the new Crescent Safe screening app, used daily by all students, faculty and staff coming to campus.
  • Dramatically transforming the school's facilities, with 24 new learning spaces to maximize physical distancing, and advanced cleaning, air circulation and filtration, no-touch water and washroom utilities, and daily cleaning practices that align with new public health guidelines.
  • Designing curriculum that incorporates on-campus learning as well as remote-learning options.
"In every decision we make, the health and wellbeing of our students, staff, faculty and families is paramount," says Headmaster Michael Fellin. "I'm proud to say that our efforts not only meet the provincial safety standard, they exceed it."