A New Model For Math Assessement

by Crescent School staff
Can a boy’s math mark improve if he has agency over his work?
Grade 11 students of Upper School math teacher Samantha Pena are being given the opportunity to take ownership of their learning. She and Candace Harrison, Upper School learning support specialist, are working together to study a new model of formative assessment. The boys in Pena’s math class have multiple opportunities for practice and feedback, as well as the tools to speak about and reflect on specific areas of strength and need in their performance.

“We believe that with increased student engagement, we will observe a marked improvement in student grades,” says Harrison.

They collected data through Fall Term, using interviews, focus groups, questionnaires and anecdotal notes, and will analyze their findings in January 2019. “We are in the very early stages of our analysis,” says Pena. “However, our preliminary findings are validating our hypothesis.”

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