Crescent’s Character-In-Action programs provide our boys with authentic opportunities to develop character outside of the classroom.

Outreach & Intersession Trips

Crescent School's Outreach Trips are powerful opportunities for our Upper School boys to gain a broader understanding of the world and how they can positively affect the lives of others.

Our Intersession Adventure Trips offer challenge and leadership in a stunning outdoor setting.

All the trips will be memorable, life-altering experiences and contribute to the boys' personal growth.

Outreach and Intersession trips are led by Crescent School staff and are developed in partnership with third-party providers who are highly knowledgeable about the communities we visit.

Some trips provide community service hours and/or qualify for the Duke of Edinburgh Silver or Gold Adventurous Journey.

Student Testimonials

"You will have an experience and make memories that will stick with you for a long time." – Michael D., 2020 trip participant

"Life-changing and eye-opening." – Maksim S., 2020 trip participant

"Outreach isn't necessarily just about going to new places and doing service; it can help you discover yourself as well." – Anson L., 2020 trip participant
"Learning about a completely different culture was extremely eye-opening." – Sam L., 2019 trip participant

"I had the time of my life while giving back and I was able to see the difference we made.” - Noah M., 2019 trip participant

"There are moments in the trip when we have to step out of our comfort zone; however, those are also the moments where magic took place and brought the best out of me. I learned the importance of finding my own pace and embraced the culture, thoughts, and obstacles we would never experience in the classroom!" – Patrick S., 2019 trip participant