• May

    Trish Cislak

    It’s Time To Lean Into Reading!

    By Trish Cislak, Crescent School’s Head of Libraries and Director of Research, CCBE
    There is no better time than now for our boys to be reading. 
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  • April

    What I’ve Learned About Virtual Learning

    By Melissa Pain, Upper School Faculty Member
    Just before March Break, as reports of COVID-19 were filling the news, I joked to my students that the next time we saw each other might be in a virtual classroom. Boy, I wish I had been wrong about that. 
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  • February

    We Can All Be The One

    By Grade 12 Student Michael Farkouh
    School is a great place to learn and better oneself. However, this can only happen when we all support and stand up for each other. That’s why I am excited to be part of an initiative at Crescent that encourages us all to be “upstanders” against bullying. 
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  • January

    Learning Can Be LOUD

    By Jennifer Straver, Middle School Faculty
    As I relaxed with family and friends over the holiday break, I reflected on my first four months as a French teacher in the Middle School here at Crescent. Comparing and contrasting against my previous teaching experiences, I recognized that there was one large difference: the noise.
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