• May

    Kathy Porteous

    The Changing Landscape of University Applications

    By Kathy Porteous, Guidance & University Counsellor
    I logged onto the final meeting of the GTA CAIS counsellors a minute or two late. The first thing I heard was a sharp, collective intake of breath. The first thing I saw was my Zoom screen filled with faces best described as that emoji with all of the straight lines for features. I quickly gathered that the opening question had been, “So folks, how are this year’s university offers coming along?”
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  • April

    Lilli Marmurek, Lower School Social Worker

    Building Our Resilience

    By Lilli Marmurek, Lower School Social Worker
    As a therapist, I often speak with clients about “resilience”. While this seems to be the latest buzzword, resilience has always played a critical role in our lives.
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  • March

    Minecraft: Building Connection and Leaders One Block at a Time

    By Hassan Singer, Upper School Mentor & IT Analyst
    When I ran a Minecraft program for Crescent’s virtual camps last summer and the After-School Online sessions this year, I thought of it as a fun way to introduce students to coding. Students picked up the ideas quickly – they even started working with block coding, which was quite impressive. What was more surprising to me was the wonderful interaction between the older student volunteers and the younger participants. Minecraft was fostering the boys’ leadership and mentoring skills, and their ability to simply relax and connect with others.
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  • February

    Ashley Cridland & David Tillmann, Associate Faculty

    Future Ready: Inspiring Leadership in Middle School

    By Ashley Cridland & David Tillmann, Associate Faculty
    We agree that we got into education not only to teach, but to make a positive impact in our students’ lives. What we didn’t expect was how transformative the experience would be for ourselves. While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to this year, the new schedule allowed us to include Leadership and Learning Strategies within the Middle School curriculum. This course focuses on developing students’ organizational strategies, self-advocacy, communication, and confidence to lead - all skills that we felt would benefit from a more explicit focus, to help prepare students for their transition to Upper School.
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