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Student Services

Social-Emotional Wellness

Our school social workers help boys develop social emotional learning skills. The focus is on self-refection and the development of emotional intelligence to build healthy relationships.
Emotional wellbeing is on a continuum. When boys find it difficult to cope with the stressors of daily life, our social workers are available to provide counselling, coaching and advice. They also work with teachers to ensure that boys who are coping with excessive stress, anxiety or depression are appropriately accommodated in their learning environment.
Social work services include:
  • Individual counselling
  • Group sessions
  • Family support
  • Consultation with outside professional
  • Outside referrals
It is important to note that according to the Child and Family Service Act, Section 28, a boy 12 and over can consent to counselling by a service provider. This means that a boy 12 and older may choose to see a social worker without the consent of his parents. While our social workers will ask the boy for consent to reach out to his parents or encourage him to share with his parents that he is seeking support, we cannot deny him counselling services if he refuses to have his parents notified. While all social-emotional counselling adheres to the confidentiality guidelines of the Ontario College of Social Workers, if a boy reveals that he is at risk of harmful behaviour, to himself or others, we will immediately contact his parents.


Our Social Workers

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