Our academic program is both rigorous and supportive with success in post-secondary institutions at the forefront of everyone’s mind.  

Health & Wellbeing

    • Grade 6 students meditating
What if school was a place where boys came to be well?
This question has been a driving mantra behind our focus on student health and wellbeing.
At Crescent School, our students’ wellbeing is incredibly important to us. We know that students who are healthy in mind, body and spirit learn better. So we focus our attention on three vital areas:

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  • Academic wellbeing

    • Crescent’s small class size and caring faculty ensure that each boy can perform to his full potential. In-class efforts are supplemented by our learning support specialists and peer-to-peer tutoring.
  • Social-emotional wellbeing

    • The mental and emotional welfare of each boy is paramount to faculty mentors. Social-emotional topics are routinely discussed in Mentor groups. Our students also have access to our school social workers.
  • Physical wellbeing

    • Our Wellbeing and Concussion Care programs put us at the forefront of improving the overall health of all our boys.
    • Our school nurse provides warm, professional care for our boys’ typical illnesses, bumps and bruises.