Students Create "Course Conversations" Videos

Crescent School offers 80 credit courses for students in Grades 9-12, all developed according to Ontario Ministry of Education requirements. With so many courses to choose from, Crescent’s Guidance and University Counsellors commissioned a series of videos to help students select the courses that are the best fit for their interests and post-secondary plans. These “Course Conversations” videos feature Crescent faculty describing the courses they teach.

The 23 Course Conversations videos were filmed and edited by students in Crescent’s Grade 11 Media Arts classes. Each video is two to three minutes long, featuring an Upper School faculty member describing one of the courses they teach.

“We created Course Conversations videos for the courses that we get the most inquiries about,” says Kathy Porteous, one of Crescent’s Guidance and University Counsellors. “The videos are the next best thing to having the course’s teacher there with us to answer students’ questions.” She says they plan to add more videos to the Course Conversations series next year.

“This was an opportunity for the Media Arts students to develop their interview and documentary video skills with a project that was modelled on a professional client/supplier relationship,” says Carson McGregor, who teaches Media Arts at Crescent. “The students were briefed by our Guidance and University Counselling staff on the requirements for their videos, and they had to deliver a finished, polished project on deadline.”

The Course Conversations were released on January 14, 2020 at a course selection information meeting for Crescent’s Upper School students and their parents.

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